The Center for Positive Organizations is a community dedicated to positively energizing and transforming organizations and the people who lead them through Positive Organizational Scholarship. The study and perspective of Positive Organizational Scholarship is committed to revealing and nurturing the highest level of human potential, and it strives to answer questions like: What makes employees feel like they’re thriving? How can I bring my organization through difficult times stronger than before? What creates the positive energy a team needs to be successful?

Positive Organizational Scholarship has become a major focus for organizations and empowers leaders to create positive work environments, improving the culture of their workplace and helping them discover what is possible with their employees and within their organizations. By bringing empathy, compassion, and energy into the workplace, leaders are able to enhance engagement and performance, and inspire their employees to innovate, find opportunity, and strive for excellence. Positive Organizational Scholarship principles create a generative business setting and act as a catalyst in the discovery of human potential.

Positive Organizational Scholarship has become a viable sub-field in the area of Management and Organizations Studies, resulting in an immense amount of material available. The Center for Positive Organizations offers the following materials as a starting off point for the study of Positive Organizational Scholarship.

How to get started.

Read: Restoring Hope in Trying Times (essay from our Leading in Trying Times series)

A loss of hope can cause paralysis and impair any chance of a quick recovery. Center faculty member, Gretchen Spreitzer has been studying how leaders can create and restore a sense of hope in employees during trying times. Most of this body of research has examined the topic of hope in the context of survivor responses to organizational downsizing.

Watch: Untapped Exchange: Robert Quinn at TedxUofM

During TedxUofM, Professor Quinn explains the power of purpose. Through stories and exercises, Professor Quinn discusses how embracing a higher purpose and a slight change of perspective can make today the greatest day of your life.


Learn: About the Job Crafting Exercise™

The Job Crafting Exercise™ helps you make your job more engaging and fulfilling. The idea is to view your job in a new way — as a flexible set of building blocks rather than a fixed list of duties. Using this perspective, you create a visual plan for redesigning your job to better suit your values, strengths, and passions. You can use the exercise on your own, or administer it to others in workshops, one-on-one coaching, or classroom teaching.