Award for Best Paper in POS

The Center for Positive Organizations is pleased to announce the 2015 Award for Best Paper in POS.  The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding scholarship in POS and to encourage research in this growing field.  The Award for Best Paper in POS was established in 2008, and is awarded biennially.

This award carries a $5,000 (USD) prize plus paid expenses to the next POS Research Conference to be held June 23-24, 2015, at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA.  The recipient is expected to give an invited talk the first evening of the conference, based on the article that wins the award.

The article must be published or accepted for publication in the two years prior to September 1, 2014.  The main subject of the article must address key issues or themes in POS, but it may be based on any discipline, such as psychology, sociology, organization studies, or others.  The article must be empirical in orientation, rather than solely theoretical or a review of the literature.  Any research method is acceptable.

To apply for the 2015 award, upload a PDF of the article (written in English) here, on or before December 1, 2014.  You may self-nominate your own article or nominate an article by others.  An article may be sole-authored or have multiple authors, though expenses for travel to the conference and accommodations will be paid for only one person.  The article must be either (1) published between September 1, 2012, and August 31, 2014, or (2) have a letter dated between September 1, 2012, and August 31, 2014, from the editor, indicating unconditional acceptance.  Submitted articles will be evaluated by faculty members of the Center for Positive Organizations; their decision will be final.  The award criteria include originality, contribution to POS, quality of empirical data and analysis, and potential to inspire additional POS research.  The committee may arrive at the conclusion that none of the submitted articles merits the award.

Previous Winners

2012 Award for Best Paper in POS

Sonenshein, S., & Dholakia, U. (2012). Explaining Employee Engagement with Strategic Change Implementation: A Meaning-Making Approach. Organization Science, Vol. 23, No. 1, January–February 2012, pp. 1–23.

Cole, M.S., Bruch, H., & Vogel, B. (2011). Energy at work: A measurement validation and linkage to unit effectiveness. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 33, 445-467.

2010 Award for Best Paper in POS

Bunderson, J. Stewart, & Thompson, Jeffery A. (2009). The Call of the Wild: Zookeepers, Callings, and the Double-Edged Sword of Deeply Meaningful Work. Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 54, pp. 32-57.
News article

2008 Award for Best Paper in POS

Grant, A.M., Campbell, E.M., Chen, G., Cottone, K., Lapedis, D., & Lee, K. (2007). Impact and the art of motivation maintenance: The effects of contact with beneficiaries on persistence behavior. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 103, 53-67.

Nembhard, Ingrid M., & Edmondson, Amy C. (2006). Making it safe: The effects of leader inclusiveness and professional status on psychological safety and improvement efforts in health care teams. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 27, 941-966.