Partner Product: Humax Assessment

Humax Networks

Humax Assessment

Social capital – your network of connections and relationships – is one of the most valuable resources in business.  The Humax Assessment is the world’s most comprehensive online diagnostic of one’s social capital, highlighting social network strengths and opportunities to enrich both individual and group social networks.

Customized Individual Report

Upon completion of the customized individual report, you receive immediate feedback in the following form:

  1. An Executive Summary
  2. Personalized Network Diagram
  3. Three-letter Profile Type
  4. Detailed analysis about the structure, composition, and focus of your social capital

Customized Group Report

A customized group report is available for users who take the Humax Assessment as a group.  Once each member of your group has completed the Humax Assessment, our software compiles the individual responses and generates a composite profile of your group or organization.  Your composite report reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your groups’ social capital as well as:

  1. How the social capital of your group compares with others
  2. Why your networks look the way they do
  3. What are your constraints, opportunities, and choices
  4. How to manage the social architecture of your group to improve performance

Corporations and Educational Users

The Humax Assessment is used by hundreds of companies and leading educational institutions around the world. Corporate clients who have used the Humax Assessment include:  Bristol-Meyers Squibb, The Leaders Edge, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, CH2M Hill, Accenture, Valassis, and many others.

Leading schools that use the Humax Assessment include Harvard Business School, Northwestern University (Kellogg), MIT(Sloan ), University of Michigan (Ross), University of Denver College of Law, University of California (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine and Los Angeles), Rutgers University, and many more.