Partner Product: Humax Reciprocity Ring™

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Humax Reciprocity Ring™

The Reciprocity Ring™ is a high energy, group-level activity that enables participants to give and get help, strengthen group cohesion, and generate positive emotions.

Participants engage in acts of paying it forward while expanding their networks and gaining concrete benefits such as solving a problem, gathering critical information for a task, or receiving a referral to someone who can help with a project.  Standard groups range from 24 to 75 people but can also accommodate groups as large as 500.  A typical group of 24 people realizes benefits valued at over $150,000 and saves over 1,600 hours of time.  Many groups achieve even more!

The Reciprocity Ring™ is used to build high performance teams, break down silos, create a culture of collaboration and change, generate new sources of value creation, creativity and innovation, or as a social networking icebreaker activity.

The Reciprocity Ring™ is used by hundreds of companies and leading educational institutions around the world.  Corporate clients who have used the Reciprocity Ring™ include Abbott Laboratories, Google, McKinsey & Co., Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Medtronic, General Motors, Amtrak, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Office Depot, The Hershey Company, and many others.

Leading schools who have used the Reciprocity Ring™ include Stanford Business School, Yale School of Management, Wharton, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Northwestern University (Kellogg), University of Chicago, University of Michigan (Ross), INSEAD, University of Toronto, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Center for Creative Leadership, and many other top educational institutions.