Laura Rees

Phd Student, Management & Organizations

My research investigates how the experience and expression of emotions affects the self and others in decision-making, leadership effectiveness, and interpersonal judgment processes. This program of research involves exploring the cognitive, cultural, and interpersonal components and consequences of the interplay between emotions and effective engagement in a culture- and information-rich economy. I use a variety of research methodologies, including pure theory development, laboratory and situated field experiments, and interviews, to probe and explain how the very human experience of emotions influences work at all levels, from the individual tasked with making an objective or interpersonal judgment to the leader interacting effectively with a group of followers.

The mission and research supported by the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship is an important component of my work and professional and personal development as a scholar. The many Incubator sessions I’ve participated in over the years have helped me further my research ideas immensely, and introduced me to wonderful new ideas from colleagues. Most importantly, I appreciate the perspective on organizational life that POS offers. I’m glad to be part of this community!