Walter Sowden

POS Incubator Lead; PhD Student in Social Psychology

The overarching question that drives my research is how does the interaction between our sociality and morality influence our psychology, behavior, relationships, and well-being? I approach the study of morality and ethics from a positive psychology / positive organizational scholarship (POS) perspective. I’m interested in identifying and exploring positive individual, relational, and organizational outcomes associated with moral character and virtuousness. I’m currently working on two research projects. The first project looks at how interpersonal relationships and psychological perspective influence moral judgment and decision making in relationship based moral dilemmas. The second project explores the relationship between the delegation of leadership, moral regulation, and organizational outcomes. Along with being affiliated with the Center for Positive Organizations, I’m also a member of the University of Michigan Emotion and Self-Control Laboratory, a Junior Research Fellow with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Positive Health Grant, and an Officer in the United States Army.