Course Syllabi

Courses from the University of Michigan and around the country are outlined in these syllabi, highlighting the study of Positive Organizational Scholarship and positive leadership methods. These courses guide students to new, positive leadership styles, embracing emotion and human nature, acting as an alternative to traditional leadership and teaching them to discover the potential of their workforce.

Teaching Cases

Resilience in the face of adversity. Strength in the wake of disaster. These teaching cases exhibit how Positive Organizational Scholarship can help pull organizations through difficult times, and how their leaders adopted its philosophies to endure and progress. Designed for students, these cases will promote discussion and assess how they would exhibit Positive Organizational Scholarship when handling the challenges faced by some of the top organizations in the world.

Teaching with a Positive Lens

At the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Jane Dutton of University of Michigan and Karen Golden-Biddle of Boston University hosted the professional development workshop, Teaching to Make a Difference: Nourishing Our Students (and Ourselves) Through Using a Positive Organizational Scholarship Perspective.  Among the goals was the expansion of participants’ teaching repertoires through the sharing of Positive Organizational Scholarship-inspired topics and processes.  This collection includes some of the materials the participants shared.