JEDI+B Plan: Details

Plan: Details

Recruit, Retain, and Develop our Community

  • Define and foster the intersection and integration of JEDI+B and POS research
  • Integrate JEDI+B-focused actions into our existing organizational structures
  • Actively involve students from underrepresented groups to design more inclusive student programs and spaces
  • Replace potentially bias-driven practices with inclusive and equitable actions across different job positions
  • Regular staff and faculty participation in training to better understand biases, bystander intervention, allyship, micro-messaging, and cross-cultural communications
  • Create systematic ways to ensure new community members with diverse backgrounds and identities are fully supported and included

Students and Scholars

  • Apply our JEDI+B learnings to our extended communities
  • Share resources that promote inclusive teaching
  • Contribute to Michigan Ross’ student-focused JEDI+B initiatives
  • Support and resource the POISED (Positive Organizational Inclusion Scholarship for Equity and Diversity) scholar microcommunity
  • Integrate JEDI+B research more purposefully into our research, teaching, and learning events
  • Ensure a diverse representation in organizational, educational, and event-related advisory groups
  • Create a strategy around when and how to publicly provide care for our community members when they are being marginalized/targeted
  • Support and elevate the research of scholars, especially up-and-coming scholars, in our community who are:
    • From marginalized groups, such on those based on race, color, national origin, gender identity, disability, religion, age, veteran status, and more
    • Self-identified POS scholars doing JEDI+B work

Equitable and Inclusive Communities

  • Live up to our Principles and Practices that Inform our Work and Interactions the commitments
  • Recognize and honor the contributions of our POS scholars in a just and equitable way
  • Ensure that we are highly transparent about use of core ideas, titles, revenue, honoraria, attributions, and related opportunities
  • Regular and ongoing staff- and faculty-focused conversations to learn and grow our understanding of identity, race, justice, and the experience of marginalized communities
  • Ensure our JEDI+B goals are aligned with the direction and activities of Michigan Ross