JEDI+B Principles and Practices

Principles and Practices that Inform our Work and Interactions

  • Recognize personal and communal integrity and validate people and ideas with respectful engagement.
  • Recognize the inherent value, worth, and dignity of all people and invite them to join in our work and community.
  • Create a welcoming environment for all who enter our community.
  • Listen, learn, and unlearn by perspective-taking that is grounded in empathy and compassion.
  • Make space for ambiguity and complexity without the need to oversimplify answers to difficult questions.
  • Acknowledge our limitations, failures, and lack of knowledge in ways that invite further inquiry and expand our understanding.
  • Engage one another with trust that all are capable and strive to do and be at their best.
  • Invite one another to be together in active community building and a dynamic, ongoing dialogue.
  • Acknowledge pain, conflict, and failure in order to hold difficult conversations that offer the possibility of reconciliation and healing.