#epicenter: heart matters

November 10, 2016

By: Laura Morgan Roberts

#epicenter, inspired by the results of the U.S.A. November 2016 elections, channels pain and struggle laced with hope and courage. Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, organizational psychologist, infuses her poetry with global experiences of diversity and leadership. Her words paint images of the timeless quest for inclusion, justice and social transformation among silenced and marginalized voices.

A thought leader in the areas of authenticity, relationship building, and human development, Dr. Laura bares her soul in her poetry – a departure from twenty years of publishing highly visible academic research articles. Frustrated with the lack of progress with engaging divisive rhetoric through logic, reason and rationality, Dr. Laura encourages thought leaders to use the arts (poetry, music, visual, etc.) to incorporate “heart matters” into civil discourse, higher education, business training and development, and faith-based institutions.