Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal Calling

April 22, 2016

By: Andrew J. Hoffman

Both thoughtful and thought-provoking, Finding Purpose challenges our understanding of how humanity interacts with planet Earth, and our role within this. Collecting over 20 pieces from a lifetime of work in academia and trade, across speeches, blogs, editorials and essays, Hoffman directly addresses humanity’s role in creating and adapting to climate change. The reader is encouraged to consider humanity’s relationship with the environment through different lenses: business, academia, faith-based and cultural. By bringing them together, Hoffman encourages us to understand our relationship with the planet in a far more holistic sense.

Drawing on ideas from philosophy, literature, natural sciences and popular politics, Hoffman ensures that the ideas he explores are wholly accessible and applicable to the reader. Fully substantiated through various research and examples, the issues described are consistently made relevant to the reader.

From student to CEO, Environmental Stewardship is ideal material for anyone thinking about their place in the world, and how making changes in our own lives and societies can impact on the world around us.