Thinkbanking & Corporate Webbing: 50 Secrets to Success in the Digital Age

September 27, 2016

By: Mary Hinesly, Amy Young, Michael J. O'Brien

Three big questions gnaw on the minds of business leaders.

  • What are the new rules of business for the digital era?
  • Which companies will survive and which¬†will go by the wayside?
  • Will your company survive?

It is common knowledge that the digital revolution has happened, and information age is here; yet few fully understand what this means for business.

We can see that digital technology is continuing to change how businesses are run. We sense the change underfoot – the reshuffling of what creates competitive advantage and what is falling away. But few know what it takes for a business to survive in the digital era.

This book is about the secrets to business survival in the 21st century: what you need to know about digital technology to survive as a business leader.