Membership Benefits

When you become a Consortium member, you will immediately begin your learning journey through our growing portfolio of engaging learning events, resources, and community-building opportunities.

Learning Opportunities and Events

  • Annual in-person forum for three (3) people from your organization
  • Monthly webinars and research-focused virtual events for up to ten (10) people from your organization
  • Peer group bi-monthly meetings led by certified executive coaches from OptimizeU versed in POS concepts
  • Significant tuition discounts on select Michigan Ross Executive Education programs, such as “Becoming a Positive Leader”
  • Registration discounts for the biennial Positive Business Conference
  • Priority access to cutting-edge research
  • Priority access to customized organization-wide training with CPO-affiliated faculty members (arrangements vary)
  • Member newsletter
  • New learning initiatives proposed by members produced in collaboration with CPO and fellow members

Relationship and Community Building

  • Member peer group meetings to provide more time to fully connect and have meaningful discussions with other members who are also applying positive practices within their organizations
  • Access to member-only dashboard for ongoing direct member interactions
  • Collaboration with industry leaders at private member meetings and within member-driven working groups
  • Access to world-class POS scientists and over 650 affiliated scholars
  • Opportunities to learn from other members about how they are applying POS research concepts to improve business performance and create a thriving workplace culture
  • Opportunities to meet University of Michigan undergraduate and graduate students studying POS principles and practices

The Consortium is worth every penny of our investment. In each engagement, we get actionable ideas that are backed by research. With our cohorts, we learn how to implement those ideas and create thriving organizations. Thriving organizations improve performance and make the world a better place.

Rich Smalling, American Innovations

Support and Resourcing

  • Access to all past and present member resources, including videos, learning assets, and tools from previous workshops and training sessions
  • Collaborations for new research projects or initiated customized research with CPO faculty members designed to promote evidence-based positive organizational practices

Membership Fees

Fees vary based on company revenue and type. For companies that make:

  • Under $100MM revenue/year: $5,000 per year
  • $100-500MM revenue/year: $10,000 per year
  • Over $500MM in revenue/year: $15,000 per year

For start-up organizations inquiring about membership fees, please email for more information.