What Does Membership Entail?

Step into a world of connection, purpose, and energy, surrounded by others who share a curiosity and passion for creating organizations that thrive.

Members join in quarterly co-learning studios where we actively engage with a current topic in the science of thriving organizations. Members are invited to join intimate, exclusive Ask-Me-Anything sessions with scholars from across the spectrum of Positive Organizational Scholarship, exploring how research meets their organizational context in open, small-group discussions about cutting-edge science and practice related to creating and sustaining effective thriving organizations. Member roundtables allow us to learn more about one another and our mutual interests in the topics we are exploring. We also engage in an annual Forum that invites us into an immersive exploration of a pressing challenge, learning side-by-side with global experts. current students, and world leaders in the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship. Our exclusive ask-me-anything events invite members to join.


The Center for Positive Organizations is a leading global home for research on designing and sustaining thriving organizations. With over 20 years of impact, we have cultivated deep relationships with a global community of over 800 scholars who are at the forefront of knowledge and ideas that help design and sustain organizations that thrive.


Learners from around the globe come to the University of Michigan to immerse themselves in the best scholarship the world has to offer. Our co-learning community is dedicated to no-cost membership for any student who wants to invest in learning how to design and sustain thriving organizations. Community members learn alongside students as we engage with educators who offer university courses in topics such as purpose-driven health and well-being, excellent communication for thriving change, humanizing work, elevating psychological safety for thriving workplaces, sustaining thriving change, and many more. Co-learning with our consortium offers a taste of university education, tailored for our community interests and crafted for heightened relevance to real-world challenges and knowledge that can be put into practice for real change.

Have questions? Please email cpo-consortium@umich.edu for more information.

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