Partner Product: Energy Network Analysis

Who Are Your Energizers?

Energizers are positive influencers, effective leaders, and value creators. They inspire others to perform beyond the call of duty. Energizers make organizational change successful and sustainable.

Energizers can be anywhere in your organization. They may not be in positions of authority.  They may be quiet energizers who don’t seek the limelight. But others are energized by them, trust them, and are influenced by them. Identifying energizers and working with them leads to higher organizational performance.

Energy Network Analysis

Our Energy Network Analysis tool is an online survey that collects data on energy, trust, and information sharing among members of a group, team, or department. We combine responses into a score for each person.  We rank the members of each group, team, or department and provide a short list of the key energizers (Other individuals are not identified in the report.)

Energizer Identification for Large Organizations

Our Energizer Identification tool is designed to identify energizers in large-scale organizations. Using an online system, all designated members of an organization provide nominations. We compile these data and identify the top energizers—those who are viewed as energizers by their own groups as well as by members of other groups.