Partner Product: Givitas

Givitas is an application designed to dramatically improve employee engagement and drive better work results. Built with a proven methodology for enabling people to create and extend relationships with their co-workers, Givitas enables distributed teams to be more productive. Givitas delivers in a mobile app what the Reciprocity Ring® has provided to tens of thousands of participants already: Better work outcomes through generous giving and thoughtful requesting.

  • Givitas builds a network of high-quality connections and instills the practice of reciprocity across boundaries.
  • Participants have actual business and personal needs met as they generously help others.
  • Participants learn the power and practice of reciprocity, creating a positive culture of engagement.
  • Using proprietary metrics, participants get feedback on their individual progress and comparisons to other groups.
  • Client sponsors monitor progress in real time with a Client Dashboard.

Proven Performance

Over 35,000 executives, managers, professionals and students in companies and academic institutions around the world have benefitted from the Reciprocity Ring. A typical group achieves benefits valued at more than $150,000 and saves 1,600 hours of time. Our pilot groups for Givitas achieve even more spectacular results.

Easy to Use

Getting started with Givitas is fast and simple. Once the members of a group are determined and invited to their private network, members make their first request, and start helping others.