A retirement party honoring Jane Dutton and Bob Quinn

April 17, 2017

4:00-6:00 p.m.

Ross Building, 701 Tappan, Colloquium, 6th Floor

Please join us as we celebrate Jane Dutton and Bob Quinn, as friends, colleagues, trailblazers, and mentors, and by their new title: professor emeritus.

Their impact over the past 30 years at the University of Michigan is immeasurable, but it’s safe to say both have made great and lasting change. Along with their individual accomplishments, they achieved many successes together. Jane and Bob – along with Kim Cameron – founded a new field of inquiry (Positive Organizational Scholarship) and started the Center for Positive Organizations. Jane, Bob, and Kim are remarkable scholars, leaders, and people. For their characters, their contributions, and so much more, we are grateful.

This gathering will be a chance hear from both Jane and Bob, and share your memories and well-wishes. As a keepsake, we are creating a memory box for Jane and a memory box for Bob. If you would like to write a few lines or share a photo or memento please bring them to the event, email them to Katie Trevathan (ktalik@umich.edu), or drop them at the Center ahead of time (914 Hill Street, Suite 229).