August 05, 2016

2:45-5:45 p.m.

Malibu Room, Hilton Anaheim, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

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Professional Development Workshop on Crafting Positive Identities at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Laura Morgan Roberts, Brianna Barker Caza, and Courtney L. McCluney are organizing a professional development workshop (PDW) on crafting positive identities within and between workplaces at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim. This interactive workshop is designed to give participants exposure to a variety of current perspectives on positive identity research and practice, to build new insights, and to facilitate research collaborations. This PDW is sponsored by MOC, OB, GDO, and CAR.

Who should attend?

All scholars interested in discovering new forms of inquiry that will advance research, teaching and practice in the area of positive identity construction.

What will happen during the session?

The first part of the workshop will feature interactive empirical research puzzles presented by a panel of identity scholars (including Teresa Cardador, Sandra Cha, Stephanie Creary, Julia Lee, Sally Maitlis, Wendy Murphy, Lakshmi Ramarajan, David Sluss, Heather Vough). In the second half of the workshop, participants will engage with the panelists and each other through round-table discussions.

During these discussions, participants will be asked to reflect on the theoretical hurdles and methodological challenges they face in their own research in positive identity construction. Together, participants and facilitators will focus on collaboratively brainstorming conceptual and empirical bridges to advance research beyond these issues. Participants will also consider the implications of empirical research on positive identities for individuals and the organizations in which they work. The session will conclude with a report-out from each table and a summary of future directions presented by the organizing committee.

Registration details

Registration for this PDW is not required, but ideally, participants will inform us that they plan to attend by filling out this form. This will allow us to assign participants to a roundtable based the similarity of their interests with those of other participants and the panelists.


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