June 25, 2015 - June 28, 2015

Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

Learn the Latest Scientific Research

At the World Congress, you will have a chance to hear, discuss, and debate the most compelling recent scientific findings and research-based applications of positive psychology. From neuroscience studiesĀ to evaluations of positive psychology interventions across life stages, this science is thriving around the globe – and it all comes together at the World Congress for an intensive educational opportunity.

Connect with a Global Network of ScholarsĀ 

The unmistakeable sound of the World Congress is a crowd of engaging conversations and intellectual discourse. You will have numerous opportunities to connect with colleagues in discussion groups, networking events and special interest lunches. Once-virtual collaborators have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, and new creative connections are inevitably forged.

Make an Impact

The World Congress connects academic researchers and applied practitioners in the pursuit of greater social impact. The floor will be open for discussions of both the possibilities and the limits of what the latest science has to offer for human development. Both the science and practice of positive psychology continue to grow in exciting new directions, and attendees will have the opportunity to shape the future of the field.