October 31, 2019

1:00-2:00 p.m.

Please note: This event is for invited researchers only.

Digital Cross-Boundary Activities: Constant Flow of Emotions

Talk description:
This presentation explores emotions relating to digitally conducted activities crossing the work and private life boundaries. We collected the data with a diary study in three industrial companies in Sweden. The finding show that employees’ emotions change several times during the day and week, and they partly depend on the cross-boundary digital activities. A person can for instance feel vivacious and engaged during a private telephone call conducted at the workplace at 10am, or feel stressed about having to work on a PowerPoint presentation at home on a Sunday evening. These results raise questions about how managers should take into account the life outside work (i.e., the family and private lives) when considering their employees wellbeing at work.

I am a researcher at Karolinska Instiutet (KI) and Karlstad University but also docent and associate professor at KTH. I got my PhD at KTH on the thesis “The dangerous commitment” with professor Jan Forslin as Supervisor.

My research embraces several, but connected, sub areas within Industrial Work Science. The core of my publications contributes to the sub areas work environment, organisational change, project management, digitalisation of work, management, leadership, and human resource management – all with a special focus on the work situation of the individual. I have mainly studied industrial settings, but since I have been working part time at Karolinska Institutet the last nine years I have also broadened the research perspective and included health care organisations within my research. My research is mainly qualitative, but also includes quantitative research methods.

My subject areas for teaching are: leadership, group development, stress and sustainable work, change management, and organisation. I teach in undergraduate courses at KTH and KI and sometimes as guest lecturer in other universities, in commissioned education at KTH and in post-graduate education at KI. Read my full bio here.

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