December 01, 2016 - December 02, 2016

AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

For more about this symposium, please visit the New Zealand Work Research Institute event page.

We envision an environment that is open to different perspectives on Meaningful Work: appreciative, positive, critical, sociological and psychological. Rather than having short paper presentation sessions, participants will choose different interest groups, briefly introduce their papers followed by time for discussion and connection. Toward the end of the symposium we aim to share and integrate the learnings from the different interest groups.

The concept of meaningful work is experiencing a renaissance at a time when many are also questioning the future of work: how it is organised, towards what purpose, whom benefits from work and how engagement in work affect who we are becoming as human beings.

The purpose of this symposium is to develop a more integrated perspective on meaningful work, drawing on the strengths of the various contributions and perspectives. Developing such an approach requires participants to embrace other theories and their interactions. In so doing we can generate richer insights on the practices and processes that can sustain meaningful work organisations.