October 19, 2021

2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

Open to Consortium members

Anyone interested in attending who have yet to join the Consortium, please contact cpo-consortium@umich.edu for more information.

About the Session

In a world full of tensions and uncertainty, organizational leaders are learning that the skill to navigate paradoxes is more important than ever. In DEI efforts, this skill to approach complexity with curiosity is particularly essential to innovate new systems, foster trust, and lead change.

In this session, we will explore what such organizational paradoxes are and discuss different paradox navigation approaches that elevate a leader’s ability to continuously improve their team experience and environment.

About the Positive Organizations Consortium

The Positive Organizations Consortium is a vibrant, leader-to-leader learning and networking community designed to create highly effective workplaces where people thrive. Established in 2014 at the Center for Positive Organizations, our members empower people and teams to reach their full potential through the science of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS).

Interested in attending this session and not yet a Consortium member? Contact us to learn more at cpo-consortium@umich.edu.