May 10, 2016

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Please note: This event is for invited researchers only.

Research is the heart of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), and we want to make sure that we support each other in developing high quality research. To that end, we created a forum for sharing and encouraging POS-related research ideas that are at various stages of development.

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Title: Reciprocity and Perceived Motives

Talk Description:

In reciprocal interactions, both genuine kindness and self-interested material gain may motivate socially beneficial actions. Perceived motives have been suggested to influence the kindness judgments and reciprocity. We present results from two experiments that distinguish the role of perceived motives in reciprocal decision making from the role of outcomes or perceived intentions. The results indicate that stronger incentives for beneficial behavior damage kindness perceptions and decrease positive reciprocity towards the same helpful action, and therefore may not increase total welfare. We discuss the relation of our results to existing theories of reciprocity.

Yeşim Orhun‘s research interests span and combine two main fields: empirical industrial organization and experimental economics. Her empirical research explores firms’ non-price strategies such as quality, product assortment, and location choice in a competitive environment. Her experimental research focuses on the formation of beliefs and their impact on choice and strategic behavior. Her recent research program in this area explores the role of beliefs about motives in reciprocal interactions, and how the desire to manage anticipatory emotions shape information acquisition of individuals regarding important future events.