March 09, 2017

10:00-11:00 a.m.

Please note: This event is for invited researchers only.

Intrinsic preferences over information and skewness

Talk description: 
Yesim Orhun will present experimental results from a broad investigation of intrinsic preferences for information. Her research examines whether people prefer negatively skewed or positively skewed information structures when they are equally informative, whether people prefer more or less informative information structures, and how individual preferences over the skewness and the degree of information relate to one another. The results reveal new insights regarding the type of beliefs people prefer to hold and uncover some of the reasons why people may avoid information even when it is useful for their well-being.

Yesim Orhun is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Ross. One of her research interests is uncovering the strategies people use to form beliefs about others or future events, and how these beliefs in turn shape their behavior different decision-making environments. Her other research interest revolves around non-price competitive strategies of firms and how they shape the marketplace. She holds a PhD in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and has been a part of the Ross faculty since 2011.

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