Richard P. Bagozzi

Faculty Associate, Center for Positive Organizations

Dwight F. Benton Professor of Behavioral Science in Management, University of Michigan

Much of Richard P. Bagozzi’s research investigates the role of human emotions and personal and social identity in decision making and in performing actions. He does this research with employees, managers, and consumers. Some of his work looks at corporate socially responsible and socially irresponsible actions, corporate green and non-green practices, and corporate offshoring and reshoring activities. Other related research examines ethical and unethical behavior by managers, digital piracy by consumers, and joint firm-public engagement in efforts at sustainability.

His research uses a variety of methods, including laboratory and field experiments, surveys, and qualitative inquiry. He does cross-cultural research to examine boundary conditions of theories he tests and to discover new contingencies governing decision making.

While his main interests are in such positive emotions as pride, awe, elevation, gratitude, and admiration, he often contrasts these with so-called negative emotions in the belief that by doing so people come to realize the tension or dialectic between them better helps in understanding emotions and their relevance. Also such negative emotions as envy, guilt, shame, embarrassment, righteous anger, contempt, and social disgust can have positive effects under certain conditions.