Positive Practices Handbook

Positive Practices

What is the Positive Business Project?

The Positive Business Project (PBP) is an annual initiative presented by the Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The PBP is aimed at identifying, studying, and rewarding positive business practices and leaders in organizations of all types.

Each year, finalists and semifinalists for the project are recognized and celebrated at the annual Positive Business Conference, held in early May at Michigan Ross. Submissions to the project are evaluated by a panel of Michigan Ross and CPO professors, CPO student fellows, and affiliated business leaders.

The project helps to grow an impressive network of individuals and organizations committed to positive business, generating more awareness of this field and connecting those who practice it every day. Past awardees and current awardees are able to connect each year at the conference to support this community.

What is the Positive Practices Handbook?

The Positive Practices Handbook is a repository of positive leadership stories, practices, and tactics that have been crafted and put into practice by organizations previously recognized as semifinalists and finalists for the Positive Business Project. The handbook is a medium through which Positive Organizational Scholarship comes to life in a very tangible form, and through which effective practices can be taught and spread to new organizations.

Great workplaces

Initiatives which allow employees to thrive in the work place every day, connect to the mission and vision of the organization, and make strong additive contributions to the organization performance.

Great neighbors to community

Initiatives which share the skills, passion, and expertise of the organization with other organizations and individuals in the surrounding community, or other figurative communities, to benefit the society at large.

Great stewards to environment

Initiatives which organizations undertake to be more mindful and efficient in the use and sustainability of limited physical, natural, and human resources.

Our hope

Our Positive Business Project team hopes that you and your organization find at least one or two practices within the handbook that you can bring back to your own organization or your own daily routine, and can share this resource with friends and colleagues to further spread a culture of thriving to new organizations.

Learn more about the Positive Business Project by visiting: positivebusinessproject.com.