Detroit Bikes

Detroit Bikes

Our mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design.

Their story

“Detroit Bikes set out to bring bicycle manufacturing back to the United States while creating quality jobs that leveraged the talent base available in the Detroit area…We are consistently involved in the community at large, donating bikes to fundraisers, supporting local biking groups and group rides, and always seeking to hire a diverse workforce. We also seek to be a model of environmental friendly procedures when it comes to our production methods…In purchasing, and retrofitting our 50K square foot facility, we have created 30 jobs and brought back an industry that hasn’t been present in the US at scale in 30 years.”

Their advice

“Lean on what is available and accept any help that comes your way. If you engage the community, that will pay dividends many times over.”