Gilda's Club Metro Detroit

Gilda’s Club

Their story

Our mission is to ensure no one faces cancer alone. Education, wellness and a confident embrace are crucial tools to face cancer. We treat the whole family, the whole time. We feel very strongly that collaboration with community partners is key. Too often nonprofits feel a need to compete for dollars, so they miss the opportunity to partner and offer those we serve a full set of healthy, important options. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering the service of partners to create an umbrella of services. By partnering, we find more organizations refer people to us, enriching our community.

Their advice

If you are afraid to collaborate for fear of donor dollars, you are looking at the wrong priorities. Nonprofits (or impact organizations as I like to call us) can’t go it alone and until we learn to play in the sandbox of giving, we will continue to limit our impact.