In Silico

In Silico

We create technology to help solve the world’s biggest problems.

Their story

“The idea was to expose as many people as possible to the resources that local Michigan organizations could provide to those affected by autism, and educate them on the resources available to them. The goal was to not sell more products from either Microsoft or InSilico but to simply pool our resources together and do something great for the community…not only are we leveraging [our clients] respective expertise to develop the most effective products possible, we’re changing the way they do business as well. For example, the Henry Ford Health System is not only a client and partner in terms of providing autism expertise to our company, but they are a firm believer in what we do. As a result they will begin to roll out the very same digital products that they helped us create. This in turn is actually changing the way that they deliver autism care, and the extent to which they are delivering autism care…Helping other businesses align their interests and efforts towards our positive practices is probably the biggest impact we can have on a community. Because when it isn’t just us promoting these values, the impact is much greater.”

Their advice

“…running a successful business doesn’t have to be in conflict with bettering the world. These two ideals can align perfectly, and in fact, can make for a really great business. Finding a worthy need and taking a business approach may actually be the most efficient way to solve a problem. So for anyone looking to make a difference or anyone who’s looking to start a great business, look towards the problems in the world, big or small. Then take an entrepreneurial approach to understanding the problem, the people affected by it (customers), and the solutions that currently exist. And if there is a viable business to be made from it, you will inherently bring those positive practices into your core values. It’s a win-win for everyone.”