Transforming Rural Lives. Together

Their story

“The customers we offer loans to are ineligible to take loans from banks due to lack of proper documentation and income proof. On the other hand, moneylenders that operate in rural areas charge exorbitant interest rates and fees. Thus, there was an opportunity to create a business model between the two and this is how MRHFL was formed…Most of our customers do not have documents that can prove that the land they are building the house on belongs to them. We make sure that before a loan is disbursed, their property documents are created with due diligence and that their bank accounts are opened. This way, we not just enable them to monetize their land but also push them towards developing banking habits…Our employees are required to toil as part of their job profile, they are directly responsible for creating a huge impact in people’s lives. Each loan that we offer impacts around 5-6 people, thus leading to an impact in the lives of around 1.9 million Indians. Through our product, the impact we create on the community is quite a sizable one.”

Their advice

“Each customer, irrespective of the ticket size needs to be respected immensely as word of mouth spreads like wildfire in rural India. So the key is to not just understand each customer, across regions, but to treat them with the respect they want.”