Midland Country Club


Midland Country Club

Midland Country Club is a family centered private country club with premier facilities and services, offering exceptional golf, athletic and social activities.

Their story

The positive business practice that Midland Country Club exudes is: “supporting the community and businesses that we live in…Midland Country Club is greatly involved in our community. Each of our Department Heads are encouraged to work on a non profit board to better our community and create connectivity within our club. The club is also very gracious in our pricing models for events for nonprofits throughout the area and prices these functions on ‘break-even’ basis.”

“This program allows nonprofits to meet and plan in a wonderful environment at minimal expense…Our 900+ members are very supportive of our efforts to support our community and see our efforts as a source of pride for their membership.”

Their advice

“A country club although private in nature is still community based and should be a leader in supporting the community. The stronger a community’s citizens services, health and overall well-being is, the better the community is.”