Saline Area Schools

We will equip all students with the knowledge, technological proficiency, and personal skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex society. Our ultimate goal is to instill in our students a desire for lifelong learning.

Their story

“Our goal is to enhance a positive work environment that promotes student
and staff well-being, satisfaction and positive morale.. We have put into place practices that will promote the positive work environment as well as processes that can measure our progress…One specific example is Schools of Rock, an annual event sponsored by the Foundation for Saline Area Schools where teams of staff members from each building perform/compete in a group dance type competition. This year they had over more than 125 individuals participate including custodians, paraeducators, tutors, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. The event sold out (more than 1,100 tickets) in less than an hour. The camaraderie and esprit de corps developed throughout the practices is perhaps exceeded only by the community spirit generated by the event. It is a very positive by-product that the event also generates in excess of $10,000 in ticket sales for the Foundation!”

Their advice

“Anything you can do to allow people who have a common passion, (in our case educating children) the opportunity to have fun together and engage with the public they serve will be well worth the endeavor! Find a champion, (someone to spearhead and organize the event) with a smile on his/her face and let them find other positive people to have fun together!”