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University of British Columbia

Their story

“We are in the second year of a three-year, nationally funded research project. The purpose of this research is to examine well-being in schools from a positive organizational perspective to explain how it is that some school learning communities flourish. Research shows that attending to strengths and positive outlooks, as opposed to a deficit-model of thinking, can increase resilience, vitality, and happiness and can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.” Using our research on well-being in schools, “we created a tool for educators that provides a condensed version of the research literature as well as exercises and practices based on our research for noticing and nurturing flourishing in schools. We are using the tool to introduce educators on a wider level about the promise and potential of positive organizational practices in their work, and continue to engage with participants through the monograph to refine and enrich the tool for practitioner use.”

Their advice

“We see professional learning and development for supporting and sustaining flourishing in schools as an important consideration at all levels of educator development.” “We suggest that including a focus on flourishing in teaching, leading, and working in schools can yield important insights on new ways of raising and enriching the capacity of our education enterprises.”