Interface makes even the most complex flooring assignments easy. No matter where you are in the U.S., no matter how many locations you have, Interface handles every aspect of your project

Their story

“In 1994, founder Ray Anderson declared that Interface would be the first corporation to be fully sustainable…Ray set us on a mission to have a healthy, triple bottom line – using our enterprise to positively impact our profit, but also our planet and the people who call it home.”

“10 years ago, Interface partnered with Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and created Net-Works. “The program enables fishing communities in developing countries to sell their discarded fishing nets back into a global supply chain… the members are able to save their earnings and increase their financial education and opportunities.”

“To date, we have collected over 80 thousand kilos of nets – laid end to end, that would stretch the circumference of Earth…twice!”

“Net-Works members have directly benefited through increased household income and access to savings, enabling them to better provide for their families. Members also now have access to community banking services, enabling financial opportunity and security. Indirectly, over 55 thousand people in the communities where Net-Works operates are now benefitting from a clearer environment and fewer ghost nets. Members of the program have reported a greater sense of empowerment and pride because together they are creating a collaborative and sustainable waste management system, which creates a more beautiful world for their children to enjoy.”

Their advice

“In order to achieve and grow a program like this, you cannot do it alone. The right partners are absolutely vital to the success of the program. Getting inspired, diverse minds around a challenge is the only way forward…empathy is a key element of ensuring that the teams can come together as a truly aligned, effective collective.”

“We knew that this has to be a grassroots, community driven endeavor…if we wanted to move beyond a one-shot beach clean up, we would most certainly have to develop an integrated model that enabled and empowered the local community.”