Block Imaging

From our commitment to making high quality imaging equipment, parts and service available to people around the world, to the way we engage our customers and communities – life is a gift – and extending a second chance for more people to live out a fuller life, be there for the ones they love and make a difference in this world is our honor and mission.

Their story

“We like to send out an email to the whole team introducing new hires to everyone in the organization. The goal of this practice is to emphasize the new person’s strengths and state why everyone should be excited and honored to have the new hire on the team.” The emails include a photo, strengths and “offbeat interests so that people can connect on a human level very quickly” about interests relating to and outside of work. The email also includes a simple call to action to equip the team with a conversation starter to make it easier to promote the beginnings of high quality relationships in the office.

Their advice

Practices like this “email intro help speed up engagement so that team members can begin to truly connect quickly. It also sets up a level of respect, connection and enthusiasm for people joining the team.” For replicating this practice, “be sure to include a photo and involve the new team member in the creation process of the email. Provide the new team member examples of other creative intros so that they can have context and framework to mimic, and give the rest of the team a “play” or some sort of a call to action to facilitate quick engagement. Include humor and non-work related details so as to humanize the new team member beyond their new business title.”