Conco Systems

Conco enables power plants, refineries and industrial production facilities to improve profitability, productivity and reliability through a uniquely integrated platform of products and services for condensers and heat exchangers.

Their story

Starting last summer, following last year’s positive business conference, I started bringing structured positive tools to my organization. 2016 is “The Year of the High Quality Connection” for this initiative. We introduced the concept at our January team meeting using some Jane Dutton videos. We have now launched the initiative on the HiveQuest platform for a four week challenge. Participants will be asked to focus on creating high quality connections and reflecting on how this practice impacts their daily work.
We are continually learning what works well for our team and adjusting our initiatives accordingly. We found that the three month gratitude challenge made it difficult for some of the team to remain engaged. We have decided this year to organize shorter “sprint” activities that everyone can stay engaged in and give their full attention.

The industrial group has engaged the rest of the organization. We have evolved from a group where it was difficult to recruit internal candidates. We now have numerous internal applications for most opportunities. We have a new awareness in our hiring process. We have incorporated assessments for managers and we now value cultural fit as much as skill set. In the past we under-valued teamwork and leadership capacity. We now take it very seriously.

Their advice

There is an impression that these tools are primarily for a certain type of organization like technology companies, with highly educated employees and a culture of trying the latest business practices. Our advice is these tools are not reserved for certain types of organizations or employees. Good things can happen anywhere. Forget perfection but demand progress.