Dow Corning Corp

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Their story

“Established in 1943 specifically to explore and develop the potential of silicones, Dow Corning is a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation. We are passionate about silicon technology versatility, its possibilities and its unique potential to help solve some of the most important challenges facing our world…[Our] largest current initiative is to improve the customer experience. The Customer Experience Transformation Program consists of significant improvements in how our customers interface with us and a new set of behaviors of our employees…This program, which puts Customers at the center of every activity in our company, is positively impacting the engagement levels of our employees…The impact to our customers is measured by noticeable improvement in our customer experience index as stated by our customers…We are starting to energize all employees to better serve customers, no matter where they sit in the organization. This is serving to provide inspiration and purpose to the workforce reminding them that the work they do, and how they do it, matters.”

Their advice

“We spent many hours establishing a behavioral model that would have the greatest impact. We held focus groups throughout the organization to identify situations where the actions of the employees would have an impact on the customers. From those situations, we culled out the positive behaviors that made the biggest difference. My advice to other organizations trying to establish a behavioral model is to involve as many of those impacted as possible…Not only did this help build a solid model for our workforce to use, it established the buy-in of people that were involved from the beginning.”