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Their story

“As the CEO of a rapidly growing company, I wanted to ensure that all employees felt connected to EDSI in a personal way. Because our company has video conferencing capability in every office across the country, I decided to meet with 450 employees in 45 days, using this technology. Meetings were scheduled with 10 employees or less so that we could hold a “virtual town hall” session. The first part of the meeting was used to ask participants what one thing they were excited about outside of work. Notes were taken so that I could follow up on these items. I also used the meetings to answer any questions that employees had. I was able to review EDSI’s core values, as well as address questions related to office budgets, the health of the organization, company policies, etc. As a follow up task, I asked each group to send me the three things that we as a company could do to make their jobs easier. Task lists were created from these emails, and every item was followed through to completion… The feedback I have received from holding these meetings far exceeded my expectations… Employees really appreciated that I took the time to sit down and just talk with them.”

Their advice

“All it takes is a short amount of time with individuals to make them feel more connected to leadership, and to establish a relationship where employees are encouraged to communicate directly with the ECO regarding exciting life events, great things happening at their work location, and items that may be causing concern. The technology does not have to be expensive. While many of our offices have larger video conference units, some of them only have laptop webcams and GoTo Meeting.”