F5 Escapes


F5 Escapes

We are a passionate bunch of doers, pursuing the lofty dream of changing the way women travel, especially in India.

Their story

“Our work has been to identify the beautiful travel destinations in India and facilitate a safe, hassle free travel. Now, about 80 tours old, we believe we have begun to create a dent in our society…The recruitment process at F5 Escapes had followed a simple rule of aligning their employee’s personal interests, values with their organizational goals. Only those who believe in the organizations motive become a part of its team…We also believe that money has its own motivating power but it’s not the sole motivator anymore. Creating opportunities such as challenging work situations or just a very simple thing like trusting a junior employee for a worthy job enhances their abilities and output to a greater extend. We attract and retain talented employees via constant self-development opportunities through trust based mentorship. Also it helps them put in their hearts and souls into what they do rather than just using their brains. We also make sure that work is fun at F5 Escapes by regular movie breaks, picnics, birthday celebrations etc. ”

Their advice

“It will all start with creating a sense of purpose and aligning employees’ personal values, goals with the purpose of the organization. Refresh your work practices, look for opportunities to innovate, and break free from confinement yet do not fail to see what is possible. Have more open discussions, conversations and let each one be seen. Let money not stop you or your organization from working for a cause that you believe in. For the same find alternatives, use barter system that our forefathers use to do when currency notes were not discovered. Remember to create your workplace where employees thrive: they learn and they grow. Happy customers would be a byproduct of following these positive business practices. Most important smile and have fun!!”