Knight Transportation

Knight Transportation

Strength, Capacity, & Commitment. That’s Knight Transportation.

Their story

“Knight Transportation is a provider of multiple truckload transportation services using a nationwide network of service centers in the U.S. to serve customers throughout North America. In addition to operating one of the country’s largest tractor fleets, Knight also partners with third-party equipment providers to provide a broad range of truckload services to its customers while creating quality driving jobs for driving associates and successful business opportunities for independent contractors.” We set out to “develop [a] ‘New Associate Training’ that demonstrates Knight Transportation’s sincere value for its associates, [to] ensure training is constantly improving through the contributions and feedback of associates, [and to] reduce turnover of valued, new associates as they feel connected to and recognize their contribution to Knight Transportation’s mission”.“[Employees] are gaining individual skills necessary to do their job competently, they report feeling happier at work and more productive.” “We have been able to measure the success of this program through anecdotal feedback from participants, third-party interviews with new associates, and tracking and measuring decreases in turnover data.”

Their advice

“Know the difference between being a facilitator and being a presenter. The facilitator’s role is to make ‘the learning process process’ easy which is best done through interaction, experiential learning, collaboration, and two-way communication.”

“Adopt of mindset of continuous improvement and be passionate about getting better. Actively pursue that goal by soliciting feedback from those you’re training, and never think you cannot learn. Be open to changes through the radical input of others. ”

“Training helps new people feel part of the team and it embraces them in the culture of the company.”

“Clearly state the objective for the training before you design any kind of training.”