Liberty Title Agency

Liberty Title Agency

Whether you are a professional agent looking for title insurance companies in Michigan, or a homeowner looking to sell on your own, Liberty Title can provide you with the service you need to close the deal!

Their story

“Liberty is comprised of Smarter Bears who are Smart, Caring, Kind, Empathetic, and Human. Whatever works best for them, and their life, we will support…Each Smarter Bear knows what needs to be done, is trusted to get the job done, and does. The outcome of this way of thinking is 120 Smarter Bears that have a balance between work and life. They are happy, healthy, and fulfilled not only in their home life but at work too…One of the ideas we implemented is called Awesome August. August is one of our most most stressful months because it is our busiest…Each week in August we do something fun. This can range from anywhere from a simple lunch brought in to the office to everyone’s 2nd favorite week, which is a field trip to DSW with a $50 gift card. We shut down the office for an hour or so, have another office cover the phones, and the entire office travels to DSW together. [We do this because] everyone deserves a time out from the madness to buy some new shoes… Our culture fosters the spirit of thoughtfulness and compassion. We don’t have mandated community service, yet we find ourselves partnering with many local organizations based on the wishes of our Smart Bears. Liberty Title supports charities within the communities it serves. This care is accomplished, organized, and maintained by the individual Smarter Bears.”

Their advice

“Focus on your people. Arm yourself with the tools to understand them and ensure they are working in an environment that best fits their needs. Liberty Title uses a tool called the AcuMax Index- [a short survey that shows how each person is hard wired]. The results from this survey are posted in their workspace when hired, [giving] colleagues a better understanding of how those they work with are hard wired. This gives each Smarter Bear not only a way to understand each other, but a means to talk to one another about their differences… Keeping a toolbox bursting with tools to help your people understand each other, coupled with nurturing picnic basket full of qualities to support your people, is the best way to replicate what we have created at Liberty Title. Spending time, energy, and pouring love into your people will create a positive environment, nurture positive change in your community, and as an added perk, your business will thrive.”