Root, Inc.

Root, Inc.

We bring your business strategies to life by focusing on your people.

Their story

We are inspired to help people, managers, and leaders get off the bench of their work-a-day life, where they spend 40 to 60 percent of their working hours, and to get into the game of creating, building and inspiring excellence. It is critical to create a safe place for people to express what they feel are realities of “creative dissatisfaction.” The ability to safely allow shared public vulnerability or “truth telling” builds trust, honesty and speed in leading and living positive change. The ability to visualize the three key platforms of change (Why— marketplace, What—Strategy, and How—Operationalization of Strategy) into visual metaphors and dialogue or brain gyms/Learning Maps for people creates amazingly positive engagement and learning.

Their advice

Stop trying to DIRECT, TELL, and SELL your people on the changes they need to on the changes they need to make to improve your business and engage them in the conversation on why we need to change, what choices we are making to win in the future and how they can contribute to our success. For a brand to survive and thrive at a high level, the organization must create a “framework and freedom” combination to have consistent standards and infuse individual care and discretion: Start with a purpose, Be transparent on your operating beliefs, Tell Stories, A Guidance System can help. The reality is people want to do the right thing. What keeps them from acting on that intention is often our belief that they won’t use the right discretion, can’t make the appropriate judgment, and don’t care about overall purpose. The fact is what is wrong with this is not our people, but our leadership beliefs that we must control and script what they do.