Their story

“We set out to work together cross-functionally, to drive positive changes within the organization to help develop deeper cross-functional connections, idea sharing, knowledge sharing, build a stronger company-community, and foster professional development. We called the initiative the Beanstalk Initiative…We created the Great 8 Core Values by partnering with our team to establish what traits and qualities our best team members expressed and that we know make people successful in our Customer Care organization. The results are an improvement in our overall culture and customer experience! modified our new hire process to ensure we were hiring team members who were in alignment with our values. We modified our coaching process to ensure we were coaching and assisting existing team members in becoming more in alignment with our values…and created Greatness Tracker award cards where anyone could celebrate when they “caught” someone in the act of Greatness in expressing one or more of the Great 8 Values.”

“We are very passionate about creating positive employee experiences to ensure our customers have a positive experience! And because we care about our team members on a personal level too – we want to help them succeed in LIFE, not just at”

Their advice

“Get buy-in from top down and bottom up! It takes a village to manifest these things: don’t try to go at it alone. Delegate and empower people at all levels…Create a vision and make sure that vision is shared and known by all involved. Get people on board with the vision and shout it from the mountain tops as often as possible…Don’t give up, keep promoting and getting people involved. I had a lot of one-off…Get marketing to help you with the creative stuff, and MAKE IT FUN and QUIRKY!”