The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board

Our mission is to make healthcare better, education smarter, and our communities stronger.

Their story

“Our culture is distinct and essential to our success, and it begins with our team. We seek out bright, curious, engaging people; by supporting their growth, we nurture dynamic careers and position our employees to make a real difference…We understand the Power of Language. Even the best insights will fail if they aren’t communicated effectively…Our most recent campaign in December 2015, Make Your Minutes Count, lasted only two weeks but yielded more than 5,000 random acts of kindness across our offices and the world. Taking a grassroots approach, employees were encouraged to “make every minute count” by engaging in and recording random acts of kindness via twitter, and other internal communication channels. The Make Your Minutes Count campaign provided a needed lift for employees firm-wide who were working longer than usual hours towards the end of the year, and helped them reconnect to the firm’s mission of supporting others. This idea of a purpose-driven culture carries over into every interaction employees at our firm have, increasing renewals and helping elevate the company’s overall performance.”

Their advice

“Utilizing your company’s existing infrastructure and resources is essential to building a solid foundation for any CSR program. Our program was built off our mission to serve hospitals and higher education institutions and we initially leveraged our resources to make the largest impact possible as a smaller company…As our company grew, so did our program allowing us to branch out into new areas, but our principal impact is still very much integrated in the firm’s mission and core operations. It is a best practice to stay rooted in a firm’s fundamental operations and create positive change in the industry or area where your firm is uniquely positioned to do so.”