Woohoo, Inc


Woohoo Inc

We make people happy at work. We are leading international experts on happiness at work. Our keynotes,workshops and management trainings give clients all over the world knowledge and tools to become happier workplaces.

Their story

“We set out to spread more happiness – for ourselves and others.” One practice that supports this is the “Woohoo Account, which is $1500 that we must spend every month on something that creates happiness for ourselves and/or others.
Sample activities include:

  • Renting a cinema and inviting 70 people to see a movie for free
  • Handing out free posters to people on the streets
  • Giving away our books and materials
  • Going in-door skydiving

It has a direct impact on us and encourages them to come up with new ideas every month.”

Their advice

“Make it a regular practice, something you MUST do – otherwise it’s too easy to forget to do it. Don’t just focus on yourself, make people outside your organization happy too.”