Alison Davis-Blake

Alison Blake-Davis interviewed, Center for Positive Organizations cited in Fortune

Alison Blake-Davis, former Dean of the Ross School of Business, was interviewed in the Fortune article, “How to talk about the Las Vegas shooting.” “The first thing is for leaders to be present, talking, listening, and acknowledging that something specific has happened and that some people may have concerns” when something terrible happens, Blake-Davis told Fortune.

The Center for Positive Organizations was also cited as a resource for leaders and organizations during trying times.

Making a Positive Difference Through Business

Watch Dean Alison Davis-Blake discuss all the ways in which the Ross School of Business is making a positive difference in the world. “I’m really excited about this time in our history because I feel that our faculty, our students, our staff, and our alums are all coming together to create a business school not for the past, but for the future. A business school that addresses the needs of society, not as it is, but as it will be, and more importantly, as we want it to be.”