Alireza Golkarieh

+LAB Fellow

Alireza Golkarieh is getting his dual master’s degree in the Architecture School and College of Engineering. He is also pursuing his financial studies at the Ross School of Business, where he is a research assistant of finance and works on the implications of asset pricing models. Furthermore, as a research assistant at Taubman College, he works on the optimization of heat transfer in a passive cooling and ventilation system. This project is an interdisciplinary research effort that involves the field of engineering, architecture, and finance.

Painting as a medium of expression has always been a haven for contemplation and a way for releasing feelings for him. He likes reading, photography, and travel. Throughout his life he has been passionate about communicating with people from various backgrounds, he loves to know new people, and he was the co-founder of study trips during his bachelor’s degree.

As a +LAB fellow, he is excited to learn more about utilizing positive leadership methods in increasing the quality and quantity of communication between people. He enjoys learning the skills needed to be able to demonstrate both the extraordinary financial and psychological results of the applications of positive organizational methods. For instance, he is conducting research on reducing traffic issues by utilizing the positive strategies and skills which he has gained in CPO. Moreover, because of his background in architecture, he is pursuing the combination of positive methods and architectural design in order to create positive spaces that enhance people’s quality of life.