Ariana Almas

+LAB Fellow

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to positively impact others. In fact, I performed stand-up comedy in my 3rd grade talent show because, at the time, I thought the best way to positively impact others was to make them laugh. Though I still enjoy a good laugh, as I grew older, I began to channel this passion into impacting communities. In college, I created my own major to study challenges communities face and how to combat those challenges through business, policy, and design. After college, I decided to explore this passion more in-depth by establishing my career in the nonprofit sector. I worked primarily in the workforce development space, having spent the past three years supporting young adults from disadvantaged communities gain access to career opportunities in corporate America.

Now at Ross, I’m focusing my studies on social impact and human capital, in an effort to combine my passions for social justice and workforce development. I supported an international NGO for my Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP), worked with social entrepreneurs and small businesses during Ross Open Road, and completed my internship working on diversity & inclusion projects at Microsoft. All of these experiences combined have allowed me to explore the many ways in which you can positively impact others. In my mind, there was no better place to pursue these experiences than Michigan Ross, a program that is known for its focus on social impact and for being the birthplace of positive organizational scholarship.