Liam McGehee Marley

+LAB Lead Fellow

Liam is particularly grateful for his childhood. He went to an alternative kindergarten through eight grade school where the philosophy was that children arrive to school engaged, excited, a tad nervous, but most of all, ready to learn. Liam believes the same premise is true for the workforce, which made embracing Positive Organizational Scholarship feel like coming home.

Liam is celebrating his third year with the +LAB. With this experience, he is moving into a leading role within the community by interviewing applicants, onboarding, and representing the +LAB at events. Liam was introduced to POS when he worked for Professor Paula Caproni. It was here, when he was doing research on high performing teams, that he found passion in individual and organizational thriving.

Liam jokes that he is taking the scenic route through school, both figuratively and literally. This past summer he was accepted to participate in a six-week intensive English program in rural New Hampshire where he and thirty-nine other students replicated classic New England author’s lifestyles, namely Thoreau and his time spent at Walden Pond.

Liam is passionate about slowing down yet running fast, being mindful but having fun, building trust while taking risks, and creating spaces where individuals can bring their complete selves to the table. In essence, becoming more human.