Trinity Lin


Trinity is about to graduate from the University of Michigan, with degrees in Business and Information Science. After the Magnify program, she will be moving to New York City and starting at KPMG as a financial valuation analyst.

While Trinity may be spending her days in a suit in front of Excel, she has a variety of other passions. At Michigan, she has performed traditional Chinese as well as hip hop dance with her group rXn. She has been actively involved as president of Hip Hop Congress, which aims to promote hip hop music and culture as well as the social issues which intersect with it. Art and hip hop will continue to inspire Trinity as she moves on to NYC.

This spring, Trinity is excited to learn POS principles which she may take with her to her new workplace. Additionally, she hopes to develop her own character and positive mindset. Most importantly, she looks forward to getting to know all the Magnify members and building some lasting connections.